Letter: Beware the influence of ‘kings’



In Leonard Mills’ Feb, 4 letter, “Madore too busy micromanaging,” he asks who made David Madore king? The voters made him “king,” or at least just in charge and accountable to the welfare of Clark County.

Madore’s goal of being a commissioner was to eliminate all credible support for the bridge/light rail. Why listen to both sides of the proposal when it’s easier to just knock off those that have something different to say or provide? My first thought when I read that Madore and Commissioner Tom Mielke pulled funding from the CREDC was, “Well OK, (chuckle, chuckle) maybe CREDC will minimize their focus on bringing business and jobs to the cities and leave the county out of the possibility for future prosperity.”

That would be fine by me. I know how much our city officials, developers and citizens in Ridgefield are striving toward economic development. If it means more jobs, therefore a better economic life via up-to-date highway transportation or adequate port access, I would vote for it, not the “kings.”

Sandy Schill