Letter: Drivers are cause of bridge wrecks



Now I have heard it all. First it is radical people saying that “guns kill people.” Nothing to do with the person holding the gun. Now Katy Brooks in her Feb. 3 letter, “Bridge is unsafe for traffic volume,” says the Interstate 5 Bridge causes accidents. I drove that bridge as did my wife for about 20 years. Never once did I see the bridge cause an accident. I see drivers driving over the speed limit; changing lanes without leaving enough room; people eating, putting on makeup, on cell phones, etc. It is the drivers who are not attentive to what is going on and speeding that causes the accidents. Try driving at the speed limit of 50 mph and you are practically run over by other drivers and as they pass you get a look and sometimes the one finger wave for obeying the law.

A new bridge is not going to help that much if people do not obey the rules of the road and show some common courtesy.

Paul E. Nelson

Hazel Dell