Letter: Commute by light rail devours time




Economist Tom Potiowsky recently stated that many Clark County residents feel that light rail is a socialist scheme. This is nonsense, but I still oppose light rail.

Light rail is a painfully slow way to commute: Light rail can take one hour or more to get downtown. Light rail is fine if you are not in a hurry.

Light rail is uncomfortable. There are not enough seats. Have you ever had to stand for hours on light rail after working all day? Light rail is prone to breakdowns during bad weather and other disruptions. Light rail is extremely expensive to build.

Government officials should have to commute to Portland for a month using light rail. Then they should take one of the C-Tran express buses and experience the difference. They often can get to downtown and home in half the time on the bus.

Why would we commit to years of expense for light rail when an express bus lane is such a logical alternative? I bet government officials have never had to commute in anything but their cars.

Lynn Eastes