Letter: Halftime show raises eyebrows



Whatever happened to “Take me out to the ball game?” Going out with Dad for a day of enjoying sports, junk food and yelling as loud as you can? Most of us now watch the Super Bowl from the comforts of home, with family and friends together enjoying spicy wings, pizza and chips. We can still yell and eat junk food, get happy, mad, frustrated and elated.

But then there’s the halftime show. As Beyonce came out, some of us started to squirm a little. Should the kids be watching this? A few nervous comments. OK, let’s turn this off and play a board game until the game comes back on.

That half-time display should have been preceded by a viewer discretion warning. Or, at least, aired much later in the evening. Does football have to be teamed with sex and alcohol, always? Can’t we just enjoy the sport of the game? Yes, we know, it all has to do with television ratings and product endorsements. But can’t the networks come up with something we can all comfortably watch together? Something between Lawrence Welk and Beyonce?

Barbara Ainslie