Letter: Free press failing in its duty



The greatest threat to the survival of America is a “WMD.” I am not describing a nuclear, biological or chemical weapon of mass destruction but the “Widespread Media Deception.”

The news media have downplayed major events in order to promote and protect their political ally, Barack Obama.

Two recent events, which should have been intensely covered and investigated, were the federal operation dubbed “Fast and Furious” that resulted in gun-trafficking and a possible cover-up by Attorney General Eric Holder, and the failure by the Obama administration to protect Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Libya.

These two critical events needing extensive coverage have been selectively downplayed by prominent media outlets. Major news outlets have become complicit in the partisan agenda of President Obama.

The latest example is the media’s alignment with the administration on issues surrounding the Second Amendment. The media’s incessant attacks and demonization, either by comments or political cartoons, of any gun owner being either an illiterate bumpkin or, somehow, through their convoluted thinking, a racist is deplorable.

The free press is supposed to be the eyes, ears, and protector for the freedom of the citizenry. Unfortunately, many news organizations are derelict of duty. They have sold their souls for a destructive, radical political agenda.

Terrence G. Popravak Sr.