Letter: Gender micromanagement prevails



I read the Feb. 4 Columbian story, “State erasing male-centric words: Bill is part of move toward gender-neutral language.” Our state and its residents have showed their stupidity by voting for homosexuals marrying each other and also to legalize marijuana, and now they want to eliminate the various terms that have been in use since the inception of personkind, (formerly mankind). I’ve just got to wonder what will happen to words like mankind, manage, manhandle, mandrel and there are many. Oops, can I still say many?

I think our society has gone way too far. I should not use the word society because most of the folks are not members of our society; they are members of something new. I’ve just got to wonder if this group whose target is to eliminate any inference to gender are thinking of those words that have a gender influence. Consider the common word “the” spelled with a “t” plus “he.” What will we do, go back to “thy?” How about the word “history?” Will it become “themstory?” Oops I used “he” again.

Just wondering how far those folks will take the gender thing.

Jim Souder