Letter: Response to dispute unproductive



Talk about a knee-jerk reaction by Laureano Mier, manager of Pearson Air Museum, and officials with the Fort Vancouver National Trust. Now there will be no events where young people can see all the wonderful airplanes and exhibits on display at an airport where they can also watch airplanes take off and land, all of which is at a national park.

I know the federal government can be difficult at times; I’m retired federal civil service and Air Force Reserve. I have been a part-time flight instructor at some military aero clubs. I know that the feds can be rigid, sometimes frustratingly so, but I have also found that they can be reasonably fair for the most part and willing to talk things over.

After all, it is the Park Service’s hangar and property.

Mier and the trust need to quit being like spoiled little kids. Mier and the trust should eat a little humble pie and go to Fort Vancouver National Historic Site Superintendent Tracy Fortmann and give her a chance to work things out. Mier and the trust will never get a place as nice as this again.

Charles Fearn