Talking Points: National coverage for Winterhawks



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


A special issue of Sports Illustrated arrived on Thursday.

No, not that issue.

The one with a four-page spread featuring Portland Winterhawks defenseman Seth Jones.

The middle son of former NBA player Popeye Jones will be one of the top players selected in the June National Hockey League Draft — quite possibly No. 1 overall.

For the next few months, Jones will be trying to help the Winterhawks win a championship. The team that lost in Western Hockey League finals each of the last two years is currently the top-ranked team in all of major junior hockey.

So Jones isn’t the only reason to catch a Hawks’ game these days. But — given his talent — Jones doesn’t figure to be playing for Portland next season. So catch him while you can (Friday, Saturday or Monday, for instance).


Boise State won’t be able to hide on its football field any longer.

The NCAA Football Rules Committee on Wednesday approved a rule preventing teams from wearing uniforms that match the color of the field.

Boise State enjoys donning all-blue outfits for home games on its infamous blue turf.

The rules committee has decided that such camouflaging is unfair.

So, if the Playing Rules Oversight Panel approves the change, the Broncos won’t be wearing blue from helmet to toe. The same applies to Eastern Washington on its red turf, or for that matter to Oregon at Autzen Stadium.

We think its a reasonable change. But we worry that Boise State will hurt our eyes by going all orange.

Or worse, the Ducks change the color of their field each week so as not to interfere with their uniform of choice.

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