VIDEO: Madore on C-Tran, public compensation compared to private sector

By Lou Brancaccio, Columbian editor



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In part three of a wide ranging video interview with newly elected Clark County Commissioner David Madore, he speaks on how public employees are compensated relative to private employees. He speaks about the C-Tran contract. Madore wants to make sure we aren't creating a "privileged class" of workers.

Watch the accompanying video for more details.

And for those who suggest that we cover newly elected Commissioner David Madore too much consider this:

  • He's the new guy on the block.
  • He has different ideas than almost any recent elected official.
  • He is controversial. Some would say polarizing.
  • He creates strong reactions.
  • Folks tend to either love him or hate him. Respect him or disrespect him.
  • He is looking at the way things are done by government.
  • He is provocative.

All of this adds up to coverage. It's really News 101.

This video snippet resulted from a single, 40 minute conversation. We are breaking it into pieces to make it easier for viewers.