Letter: Light rail is a nightmare



In a Feb. 7 letter, Ken Spurlock wrote “Light rail here would fulfill a dream.” I’m having nightmares that our light-rail system will be run by a failing, in massive debt, TriMet system; that solid numbers have never been presented for costs of operations and maintenance; that political motives and greed, rather than objective information and facts, are given credence; that the unknown tolling costs for the people of Clark County is where the ongoing financial burden will be placed.

I have a nightmare that our mayor and four other councilors will not listen to the people when we say “no” to funding light rail; that they will not recommend duplicate signatures be allowed on a petition in order to place the issue on the November ballot; that the mayor will not allow any town hall meetings or allow people to speak their minds on the light-rail issue. I have a nightmare that The Columbian will not run stories on both sides of the issue because the owner, Scott Campbell, is a member of Identity Clark County, which supports the bridge and light rail.

I have a nightmare we are being railroaded, stifled, dismissed, demeaned, and disrespected for our anti-light rail position.

This is a nightmare, not a dream.

Stephanie Turlay