Letter: Stories pose questions



Two recent stories tweaked my interest.

One was the Feb. 3 Columbian story “Black history, white America” on living black in white America. I wonder if there are also stories on living white in black Africa, or living white (or black) in yellow China, or living white (or black) in brown Mexico? For some reason, some people think it’s wrong to have a white America. I wonder if other nations are ashamed of their heritage? Perhaps those spouting racism need to look in a mirror.

The other story talked about the National Parks Service and the Pearson Air Museum. Recently we took our grandchildren to Fort Vancouver. Later, we went to the air museum, only to be turned away, midday, because they were getting ready for a private party and the public wasn’t invited. Perhaps that, and similar happenings, is what’s bothering the National Park Service. They’ve probably had enough of private use on public property.

Carol Levanen