Letter: Poor drivers are plentiful



Andrea Buchmann’s Feb. 10 letter, “Drive safely — with lights on,” was right on. I’ve never understood why people are so mindless about turning on their headlights on foggy morning, gray rainy days, dawn and dusk. I have never gone so far as to count how many don’t do this smart, safe habit, but it’s very scary that most are gray or light-colored cars that blend right into the fog. Also, why do people not use turn signals? I’ve come around a corner to see someone practically at a stop in the middle of the road, with no signal.

On a daily basis, I’ve seen people running yellow lights and now they run red lights. Many times at an intersection when my light has turned green, three or four cars keep going through their lights. Never seems to be police around to give out heavy fines for these mindless people. There’s a simple solution — turn on headlights, use turn signals, stop running lights and stop speeding.

Jackie Davidson