Letter: Extending wait period is a good idea



I support passage of Senate Bill 5614 because I believe in the idea of empowering couples to think long and hard about their decision to divorce and possibly find ways to reconcile. Instead of waiting 90 days for a divorce to go through, why not wait one year? If they think this wait is too long, why didn’t they take time to think twice before getting married, so they wouldn’t be worrying about waiting to get out of the divorce?

The rate of divorce in America is way too high. This bill might give couples more time to reconcile and could result in fewer divorces, and it could be beneficial to taxpayers of our state. By extending the waiting period, the two individuals could try to work things out.

I understand that for those who are divorcing abusive spouses the span might be too long. There could be exceptions for those divorcing abusive spouses, to help them get out of the unhealthy relationship as soon as possible if there isn’t any hope left between the two.

Diemmy Nguyen