Letter: Just say ‘no’ to CRC project



Taxpayers have already spent close to $160 million on the Columbia River Crossing. We don’t have one piece of steel bought, nor one inch of concrete poured.

The I-205 bridge cost $175 million to build in its entirety and is 144 feet high. Reading the Feb. 18 story, “CRC foes, backers sound off in Senate,” we now learn via accountant Tiffany Couch’s testimony to the state Senate Transportation Committee that the real cost will be $5.5 billion, including $3.3 billion in tolls.

When the Washington state Supreme Court has told us that school funding is below acceptable levels, meaning the Legislature must spend more tax dollars on education, there is no money left for the currently proposed CRC. The money already spent could have built a majority of a new bridge. Sadly, we have a bridge too low and cost overruns and budget proposals that attempt to hide the true cost of both the bridge, light rail, and much more.

Just say “no.” We can’t afford otherwise.

John Ley