Letter: Petition lawsuit looks like a circus



I have been following the developments of the light-rail petition lawsuit. The whole effort appears to be little more than a three-ring circus.

As The Columbian Feb. 6 story reported “Light rail foes to sue city,” Tim Eyman blames the Vancouver City Council, using a threatening email. He and attorney Steve Pidgeon have to be corrected by the city that the petition signature issue is actually with differences in state law. Right out of the gate, Eyman and Pidgeon demonstrate incompetence. Then, regular complainer and opponent to anything, Debbie Peterson, continues to rant incorrectly about this issue being a city council matter.

The lawsuit is now, after all this noise and childish behavior, appropriately filed against the Clark County auditor, who is tasked with enforcing state initiative and petition laws.

What is humorous is that Auditor Greg Kimsey has decided to get on the Eyman bandwagon, saying he’s “very pleased” because “this is a bad law, and I’m glad to see it being challenged.”

Where has Kimsey been for the past decade? If the state law describing local initiatives is so bad, why didn’t Kimsey, or longtime Secretary of State Sam Reed, do something before? Our community wouldn’t be suffering through all this nonsense if they had done their job.

Derick Thompson