Letter: Harmony doesn’t have to be 100%



For the second time since he has been elected, I found myself agreeing with something Clark County Commissioner David Madore has to say. To many it seems that agreeing with something said by someone you didn’t vote for is blasphemy or, even worse, being a “flip-flopper.” To me, it’s just listening to what is being said, thinking about it and then making a decision based on what is said, not who is saying it.

Madore proposes providing similar compensation for like jobs, whether in the private or public sector, and he likes transparency in government, and I agree. He’s against light rail as part of the Columbia River Crossing, and I disagree.

Folks, it is hard, but we’d all be better off if we can learn to make decisions based on the facts as you see them rather than continuing the zero sum game of voting strictly “the party line” or whether we like someone or not.

Kevin J. McCann