Letter: No worries about county leadership



People need to quit picking on Clark County Commissioner David Madore.

He should be able to hire an assistant, a masseuse, a butler and a PR person. Rich people deserve benefits like these. They finance their way into office and change the rules, and often during campaigns and if elected, they hire their cronies.

Madore’s stand on the new bridge also speaks to this issue. Why design a bridge that might bring positive attention to Vancouver and support commuters trying to get to work?

The only thing better than our current situation would be for county Commissioner Tom Mielke to resign and have state Sen. Don “My Way or the Highway” Benton, R-Vancouver, come down from Olympia to help steer Clark County properly.

Apologies to the book, but “A Confederacy of Dunces” comes to mind as the days speed by.

Tom Lawrence