Private colleges offer education options for county residents




Adults hoping to broaden their education, whether returning or first-time students, must often balance schooling with work, children and other responsibilities. For them, the traditional college experience sometimes just isn’t feasible.

Clark County has a handful of private, career-focused college and university options for the nontraditional student, or anyone searching for adaptable class schedules and a laser-focused educational experience.

There’s been tremendous growth nationwide in students and federal grants flowing to private, for-profit colleges that offer flexible online instruction options. Riding the wave are Vancouver branches of City University of Seattle, Charter College and Everest College. All are private institutions with locations across the country.

Since 2009, the Montgomery G.I. Bill gives significant tuition discounts to active and reserve military service members, who can benefit greatly from online options given their high mobility.

Charter College Vancouver

17200 S.E. Mill Plain Blvd., Suite 100., 360-448-2000.

Charter College’s Vancouver branch opened in 2010 at the Columbia Tech Center on Mill Plain Boulevard. The school offers career-focused courses at campuses in Washington, California and Alaska, as well as online. In Vancouver students can earn a bachelor’s degree, associate degree, or a certificate in the fields of business, computer science, criminal justice, health care and information technology. Tuition ranges from $17,600 to $70,400 for programs lasting between seven and 30 months.

City University of Seattle

12500 S.E. Second Circle, Suite 200., 360-449-6700.

Just north of Mill Plain Boulevard in Cascade Park, the Vancouver branch of City University of Seattle has several degree programs and professional-advancement courses for educators. Its online business program offers distance-learning opportunities ranging from bachelor’s degrees in business administration up to MBAs. Standard tuition ranges from $330 to about $632 per credit, for undergraduate to graduate certification or degree courses.

Everest College

120 N.E. 136th Ave., Suite 130., 360-254-3282.

East Vancouver is home to the Everest College campus in Clark County. The branch has degree and/or certificate programs in the fields of accounting, administrative assisting, bookkeeping, business administration, medical assisting, medical billing and coding, and paralegal. The school also offers a massage therapy program. Tuition ranges from about $15,000 to $40,000 a year with programs between eight months and two years. Day and night, as well as online, classes are available. Financial aid is an option for those who qualify. Graduates can get assistance with job placement. Everest also has campuses in downtown Portland and Tigard, Ore.