Letter: Take care of current infrastructure



Light rail will be a nightmare, not a dream. With easier access to more criminal activity and with funding reduced for law enforcement, who will enforce safety issues for this suggested population increase, due to light-rail accessibility, in Vancouver? Do we really think we can afford this crime train? Downtown Vancouver has a lot of historic value that needs to be protected and not abused by mass transit disrupting the historical value of our town.

Light rail should be brought to a vote before the people to accept it or deny it. Preserve Vancouver and not abuse it.

In regards to those people who write that their property values are going up because of light rail, just look at history. Property values go down when crime goes up. Does it merit bringing in the light rail? Is the path of light rail going to lose some business? What will happen to our roads? Sidewalks are crumbling in downtown, potholes don’t get filled. Who do you think is going to pay for all this? Is the economy stable enough to support this?

Mike Myers