Letter Salmon declines will continue



I am certain I will never in my lifetime see our salmon leaders gain on what they lost. They put reliance on a fish hammered almost out of existence being viable for recovery.

Keeping fish separated will not be controllable by any man. Fixing salmon is not this wild fish we damaged, that has spawned or will spawn with a hatchery cousin. It is too late to undo this diversity evolving in nature that disputes a manager’s designed fish idea. The majority of wild fish are in heaven. Many fish viewed as wild fish likely are not pure and obstruct the quicker recovery with evolving same impure fish at the end. Replaying the wrong by us stays but changes ignored in salmon is the injustice of killing the resource.

Culling for decades a usable fish results in the report card by lack in numbers; spawning is the shameful grades we earned. We killed off our original salmon and work now against man’s greed-driven creation of a blending fish. Questionable here are wild fish mentally judged that are physically dissolving in family members to become less resilient — all thanks to us.

Now both man and his fish deceptions are adding to declines.

Larry R. Carey