Flag facts unfurl for Fircrest first-graders



Fircrest — First-graders at Fircrest Elementary School learned the ins and outs of the Grand Old Flag at a Feb. 19 educational program put on by the Columbia Crest Lions Club. “Flags for 1st Graders” taught 80 students about the history, symbolism and traditions behind the U.S. flag. Jon Pudlitzke of the Lions Club said the ongoing effort is meant to instill pride and patriotism at a young age. Kids asked questions during the presentation, inquiring about the U.S. flag’s age and how many flags were placed on the moon. If you’re wondering, the answer to the latter is six; all standing except for the first, placed in 1969. That one, famously planted by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, is said to have blown over in the blast that sent the moonwalkers on their journey home.