Letter: Benton passing judgment again



After reading a few letters to the editor, it appears that state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, wants to be our “morality” senator.

He wants to make it harder for people to divorce by extending the waiting period. Does he know the couples personally to make those judgments?

It appears that he knows best over women’s rights to decide for themselves what circumstances makes it impossible to carry a child to full term. Could it be the woman has been raped or is in poor health?

The last thing that made me more outraged is passing judgment on those seeking welfare. It appears Benton thinks all people who ask for welfare are drug addicts. Does Benton even realize how many people are still out of work and cannot find a job or working for such low pay that it is either the rent or feeding their children? Go to the unemployment office and talk to people, go to the food banks, go to the homeless shelters, go to churches that help the homeless.

Instead of passing judgment on those less fortunate, Benton should start doing what we put him in office for — to get things rolling here by bringing in good-paying companies so people don’t have to ask for help with food stamps and welfare.

Joan Walker