Weather Eye: Lambs trump lions as March gets off to a warm start




A warm front brings a little rain today and lifts northward Friday, leaving us in a dry and warm air mass and allowing March to roll in like a lamb — as we predicted here earlier — with highs around 60 degrees. A balmy day. At least that is the plan Wednesday afternoon as I write my column.

I don’t know exactly how much rain will fall by midnight tonight but we are already dabbling with our third-driest February in about 70 years. That could change, but it will still go down as being a dry month considering what is normally expected. Details on Sunday.

Have you noticed how they have been naming snowstorms this winter around the country? The latest was Rocky, which brought Chicago its heaviest snow so far this winter.

If we would have had a big snowstorm, I wonder what it would have been called? Bigfoot? Or maybe Husky? Guess we will have to wait until next year for another chance at seeing significant snow.

The moss is thriving quite well, especially on my roof. I have long streaks of green where a downspout drains on the roofing material. I think I will just leave it for a landing strip for the frogs during the next frog strangler that eventually moves in.

Most computer forecast models are now pointing toward a typical March? Keep the raincoats and galoshes for the kiddies. Dads, go out in the garage and dig out the kites; I see a weekend kite festival at the local parks one day soon.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at Weather Systems.