Letter: Light rail essential to commuters



I strongly disagree with the action taken by the Clark County commissioners at their Feb. 12 meeting when they passed a resolution opposing the Columbia River Crossing light-rail tolling project. I support building an I-5 replacement bridge with light rail included. I am also willing to pay for the bridge and light rail through higher taxes or tolling, whichever is deemed necessary to come up with the required “local match.”

I am a Clark County resident and have lived in Vancouver for more than 20 years. Constant traffic congestion on the Interstate 5 Bridge is choking business growth in Clark County along the I-5 corridor. A replacement bridge that includes light rail will save Clark County residents both time and money because our residents won’t have to wait in stop-and-go traffic both on their way into Portland then again on their way home to Clark County.

Let’s get a new Columbia River I-5 bridge built as soon as possible. It’s essential to include light rail so Clark County residents have a viable alternative to driving an automobile into Portland.

James Lanz