Letter: A manufactured crisis



Wow, after we almost fell off the financial curb, we are again in a crisis. I guess if there is no natural crisis, then a made-up one will do.

The media and politicians make the looming sequester look like we are dead in the sights of a Texas-sized meteor.

The looming big cuts are at $82 billion and will cause the military to collapse, all national parks to cease to exist, our highways to collapse into muddy lanes, all bridges to collapse and the mighty Sequoias fall over. Wow, such disaster from a minuscule portion of the $3.5 trillion federal budget. What is all the hype and furor about anyway?

This generated crisis is not being wasted. The media are wasting no time crying wolf and waiting for those wicked Republicans to finally toe the line President Obama wants them to.

We seem to be lurching from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis. But at least Wall Street officials (who have calculators) are ignoring the crisis and the stock market doesn’t really care.

I think the dim bulbs in Washington, D.C., will lurch through this one, too. And so it will go on and on.

Evan Wiggs