Letter: Address the cause: mental illness



Again the hubbub about gun control. How many of you have friends who would buy a gun and then go out and kill innocent people? I suggest that only a mentally ill person would do so, someone without social skills who lives in a room with daily violent video games. Let’s look at the cause rather than the result.

When the mental hospitals started closing, people went on the street. They are still there and more come every day, people who need help but often will not take help or meds because they are not in or near a health facility. Here in the U.S., insurance doesn’t pay for much, so enough help is not available.

There are also ordinary people who go through tough times, becoming deeply depressed and close down. Those people need counselors who, again, insurance often doesn’t pay for, so the problem goes untreated.

We need more focus on mental health, more awareness that we are not meant to live under constant stress, that problems can be helped in many different ways, and that people who care can and should make a difference in an ill person’s life. Plus, insurance companies need to consider more assistance, especially if they are interested in keeping people from getting bad illnesses.

Beverly Hohman