Letter: Media minimize, then fabricate



ABC personality George Stephanopoulos asserted that there is no bias in the U.S. media. Journalism has denigrated from ethical reporting to today’s stilted reporting that leaves out facts in favor of expression of personal or network opinion, or journalists today just fill in the blanks or edit reporting so as to sensationalize and sell copy. Hypocrisy is blatant and rampant in today’s journalism.

CNN’s Piers Morgan publicly calls Wayne LaPierre an “unbelievably stupid man” for advocating armed guards in our public schools. Apparently, Morgan forgets that his country, Great Britain, has one of the highest crime rates in the western world — a country that prosecutes homeowners for defending themselves in their own homes.

Why didn’t Morgan call Bill Clinton a stupid man? Recall that Clinton, after the Columbine massacre, asked Congress for $60 million for armed security in our nation’s schools. Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago receives much media attention when he stumps for gun control, but the media conveniently hide the fact that Chicago has the one of the highest violent crime rates in the U.S.

The media fail ethically to report what, where, when, who and why by minimizing, editing or fabricating.

Peter L. Williamson