Letter: Deal tougher with violent offenses




Taking guns away from responsible people who have a moral as well as a constitutional right to defend themselves is not the solution. Blaming the National Rifle Association may give you a place to focus your anger, but all Americans need to look to their own apathy before they start placing this blame.

Guns and gun owners are not the problem; killers are the problem. Solving problems with violence is the problem. Changing the laws will only allow the bad guys to do what they do easier. Why not just deal with the bad guys? We are releasing criminals as fast as we put them away. Revise the legal system. Take violent crime seriously. Make capital punishment for violent crimes legal in every state. People who are sentenced to death should actually be executed and it should be done in less than the average 20 years it takes now. Do it within a year of the verdict.

Take a serious look at the entertainment industry. Violence sells. Who’s buying this violence? You are. Then you take it home and share it with your kids. Is it any wonder that they solve their problems more violently than in the past?

Richard LeBlanc