Letter: Fewer guns means fewer deaths



The Dec. 16 story asked: “Could shooting be a gun-control tipping point?” Among the experts and the rest of us, opinions clearly are divided on whether more or fewer guns result in greater public benefit.

As we all know, and will admit to under rare spells of impartiality, opinions are worthless until substantiated or invalidated by unquestionable evidence. The only source for an objective answer, should we truly care to know exactly which will have the greater chance of saving people from bullets, is statistics. And in this case, their declaration is in harmony with common sense. Simply stated they declare: the more guns, the more people are killed with guns; the fewer guns, the fewer people are killed with guns. It’s verifiable, incontrovertible and constant all over the world.

Ergo, if we are truly interested in giving everyone a better chance at life without pre-emptive termination by a speedy slug of lead, then I don’t see why anyone is still confused.

Michael E. White

Brush Prairie