Talking Points: Geographical voting



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is up for another Rookie of the Week honor. Fans can go to today and click their little hearts away for Wilson because after all, he led the Seahawks to 20-13 win over divisional rival St. Louis on Sunday.

Wilson completed 15 of 19 passes and finished with 258 total yards, including a passing touchdown that matched the single-season rookie quarterback record of 26.

Wilson tied Peyton Manning’s historical mark which he set back in 1998 but the question remains: Can Wilson one up Manning by winning the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award? Wilson has the wins and the numbers, but his road to becoming the top rookie may end in Seattle.

The opinions, invariably, as to who should win the award sway through the media markets.

The Washington Post heralded the candidacy of Redskins’ RG 3 with an on-line headline: “Robert Griffin III should be NFL offensive rookie of the year, and it’s not even close.”

Writers in Indianapolis favor local quarterback Andrew Luck.

Bit of an East Coast and Midwest bias, you say? Possibly.

No West Coast rookie has won the offensive award since 2003 when Anquan Boldin debuted for the Arizona Cardinals. Patrick Willis, of the San Francisco 49ers, stands as the last rookie from the Pacific Time zone to win the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2007.


Chip Kelly has no time for your questions about his future in the NFL. So, leave him be!

On Monday during Oregon’s media day for the Fiesta Bowl, Kelly got into his best three-point stance and pancaked an early query about possibly joining the NFL coaching ranks after this season.

“I’ve got a game to play,” Kelly said, according to the Associated Press. “We’re playing in the Fiesta Bowl. That’s the biggest thing in my life. If I allowed other things to get into my life, then they would be distractions, but there aren’t. Our focus 100 percent is on the Fiesta Bowl.”


Just when we thought we’ve seen the last of the replacement ref storyline of last year, the Outback Bowl provides the first example of Bad Officiating in 2013.

During Tuesday’s bowl game, officials awarded Michigan a first down against South Carolina after the measurement clearly showed the nose of the football behind the first-down marker. Monday Night Football’s Mike Tirico on the call: “First day of the year, already I’ve seen something I’ve never seen before in a football game.”

Where’s Ed Hochuli when you need him?

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