Talking Points: Decision screams ‘bad idea’




It’s hard to believe the Atlanta Braves can be this dumb.

The Braves have not used their controversial “Screaming Indian” logo in any official capacity since 1989, but the team plans to bring it back next season as part of its new batting practice hats.

The Braves first started using the logo in 1954 when they were based in Milwaukee. It was used in various capacities until 1989. The team stopped using it at least in part because of pressure from groups that find the use of Native American imagery on sports uniforms offensive and dehumanizing.

So far, reaction on the Web has been less than positive. Here’s a comment by Bleacher Report’s Timothy Rapp that pretty typical of what the blogosphere is saying:

“Maybe somebody in the team’s marketing department incorrectly surmised that the city of Atlanta loves stereotypical depictions of entire races of people. Perhaps ownership was sick and tired of the Washington Redskins and their culturally insensitive name remaining the most offensive rendition of Native American culture in this country.”


Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated is already making predictions for the NFL in 2013. Among them:

• Tim Tebow ends up the starting quarterback in Jacksonville. While Tebow is intriguing as a backup for teams with some read-option concepts (Carolina, San Francisco), he is a legitimate starter in Jacksonvile.

• Alex Smith ends up in Philadelphia. With the Eagles talented corps of offensive weapons, Smith could be solid for a season or two while Nick Foles gets time to develop. Nix this idea if Chip Kelly becomes coach and wants a more mobile QB.

• Quarterback Kirk Cousins is the hot trade-market name in the off-season, but Washington keeps him due to his cheap contract and the chance RGIII does not make it through the season injury free.