Letter: Wrong move on gun debate



I read the Dec. 28 front page story “Lawmaker-elect Pike enters gun debate,” to see that state Rep.-elect Liz Pike, R-Camas, wants to draft a bill to allow local teachers to be armed. This is a waste of taxpayer money and a safety issue for our schools.

Our teachers are not there to be law enforcement. They are there to teach. Guns do not belong in any schools, period. The only ones that enter a school with a gun should be the police who went though years of firearm training.

Where would a teacher keep a gun? In their desk, strapped on their side, in a safe? What’s to keep one of the kids from getting hold of it? How fast could you react if you needed to use it? Do you know who you are shooting at? What if you hit someone who was innocent? All of this needs to be factored in.

I would like someone to film Pike showing how she would store a gun, get it out fast, load it, and react in a hurry while trying to control the class at the same time. Just like she wants our teachers to do.

Paul Presler