Letter: Don’t consider Kerry for post



This is in regard to Mary O’Grady’s Dec. 24 story, “John Kerry’s record in Latin America,” in the Wall Street Journal. As an internationally perceived leader of domestic opposition to George W. Bush in 2003, John Kerry wasn’t careful in masking his disdain for American policy in Iraq. This gave hope to Iranian/al-Qaida interests that American resolve could crumble.

No doubt, further investment was made by enemies of the U.S. soldier as Kerry demurred.

Most recently, Kerry’s unwillingness to acknowledge that Honduras acted well within its own Constitution at the behest of their Supreme Court when removing the President for Life wannabe Manuel Zelaya reveals an emotional bias. Further, his demand that the Law Library of Congress change its conclusion regarding the legality of that fact illuminates a dangerous proclivity to bend the truth.

Is approving John Kerry as Secretary of State just to guarantee the “International Apology Tour” continues?


Wayne Mayo

Scappoose, Ore.