Letter: ‘Forward’ moves show no progress



The theme for the 2012 Democratic presidential elections was “Forward.”

The most recent data on food stamps showed that 47,710,324 people were enrolled in the program in September, an increase of 607,559 from the 47,102,765 enrolled in August.

One in five Americans are on some kind of governmental assistance.

Seventy-three percent of the new civilian jobs created in the United States over the last five months are in government, according to official data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In January 2009, when President Obama took office, there were 2.7 million long-term unemployed Americans. October’s level, according to the BLS latest figures, is approximately 5 million.

The federal government will need to borrow $4.8 billion a day for fiscal year 2013. The national debt is more than $16 trillion, with your share being $52,160.36. You would think our Democrat president would be leading us out of debt, that he would have an actual plan to do so. Yet we find him spending more than $4 million (the estimate reported by The Hawaii Reporter newspaper) of your money to vacation in Hawaii.

How’s that for moving “Forward”?

Lee Hemen