Letter: Teach reality of living in real world



In the Dec. 28 Columbian story, “Lawmaker-elect Pike enters gun debate,” Ellen Joslin, president of the Battle Ground Education Association, stated, “It doesn’t make for a nurturing environment,” regarding guns at schools. What are we raising here — cabbages? Nurturing is for nursery schools. Some of those high schoolers will pick up a gun and march over to Iraq or Afghanistan and shoot people. Schools fail miserably in teaching reality, whether it be jobs, war, finances, pick a subject.

Guns in schools for safety should be handled by those trained to do so. Police come to mind.

Isolating children from reality does not produce responsible adults — just the opposite. Some have asked why is it always the young loners who shoot. Therein lies the problem and the answer. It starts with parents — parents supported by a society without health care or mental health care. It takes intelligent educators to spot early problems. That requires training and money.

Here in Washington state, the Supreme Court has ruled we aren’t fully paying for basic education, a disgrace for this to even come up.

America — our nation — just wasted billions of dollars and you voted for it. We have become a nation of hypocrites, patronizing hypocrites. What we do best now are candlelight vigils.

Bill Kelley