Letter: Pool facility a win-win for Woodland



The Woodland Planning Department has given its site plan approval of the permitting process for the proposed Woodland Swimming Pool and Recreation Facility. The facility’s footprint will totally match our private property location, which is right next to Horseshoe Lake Park.

The Woodland City Council voted 7-0 in favor to relocate the present street on our property. No open park space will be impacted. The ultimate outcome ended up a win-win situation for everyone.

Because of these developments, my wife, Klazina, and I will donate this property to the Woodland Community Swimming Pool Committee (WCSPC). The YMCA will manage the completed facility and they are pleased with the outcome. Fundraising by the WCSPC will start in the spring, along with the assistance and guidance of the YMCA. Final details of the internal design, and a conservative construction cost estimate is being completed.

We welcome public support of our project and fundraising efforts. Many people have volunteered their help and will be recruited in the spring of 2013 by our swimming pool steering committee.

Benno Dobbe