Letter: Congress shows its many flaws



We have been heading for the “fiscal cliff” for many years and through several administrations. President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, seem to be always locked in a test of wills. The blame game and bickering are alive and well and apparently the next four years will be a mirror image of the last four years.

Congress was in session for less than half of the year (House 153 days; Senate 151 days) with full salaries and benefits, and the 535 congressional members remain steadfast in their refusal to reduce their wages, benefits, medical care, pensions and budgets.

To show how disconnected Congress members are, they have no problem cutting cost-of-living adjustments to retirees, yet they haggle over raising taxes on people making $450,000 or more. They refuse to retrieve subsidies they gave to highly profitable companies. They have not aggressively pursued removing fraud or price gouging in welfare medicine, Medicaid and Social Security and realize those savings. Unfortunately, Congress often works covertly. It is unsurprising that Congress members diluted the fiscal-cliff fix through bills and amendments to satisfy their benefactors.

Wilfred J. Hudson