Letter: Giving away our freedoms



I wonder how many people really think hard about what they are doing when they turn in a firearm for a huge windfall of $50, an amount offered at police department buyback events. What they are really doing is giving up their rights of protection and rights to protect themselves, their families and loved ones, their freedoms and their homes. When people give up their guns because of lies by the leaders of our land, our country will be no different than all the other countries of the world.

The dictators, despots and tyrants running most nations of the world like nothing more than controlling the helpless people of the land who have no weapons and cannot defend themselves. People who live in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, etc., have no chance at liberty, equality, or freedom, all because they have no rights or ways to defend themselves against intruders and terrorists.

Wake up, America and think about it before you turn in your gun and give up what freedoms we have left.

Roger Jones