Letter: Armed teachers: Multiple questions



It has been suggested that we could make our schools safer by arming teachers so they could fight off intruders. I have a few questions.

• Will the teachers be taught basic gun safety or will they receive full SWAT training?

• Will the teachers be allowed to carry guns on their person or will the guns be locked in a safe box? Will the guns be loaded or will the bullets be kept in a separate safe box?

• If a student should somehow get hold of the teacher’s gun and ammunition and injures or kills somebody, will the teacher be held liable? The school?

• If an intruder does enter the school and the teacher with the gun does nothing, will that teacher be held liable for not taking action?

• If an intruder enters the school and the teacher with gun does take action but injures or kills students or colleagues in the process, will that teacher be held liable?

• Will the school or school district purchase liability insurance to cover the school and the teacher?

Maybe we ought to think about this idea a little more before we rush to put guns in our schools.

Peder Erickson