Letter: Compromise has no home in D.C.



The labels “liberal” and “conservative” are pigeon-hole designations, which are totally useless. If that is all we can think about each other, this country is doomed.

Before air travel, when members of Congress had to spend the weekends at the capital, they got to know each other more as people, as they would entertain each other in their homes, go to movies together, worship and pray together. These days, the minute they hear the gavel, they rush to the nearest door, take a cab to the airport, back to their constituents, and forget the needs of the country as a whole. They become useless and have to be replaced.

Statesmanship is rare. Used to the influence of money, they forget that trust lies as a foundation to our country. Men and women of good will have basic trust for one another. Oh, yes, there will be angry debates over what’s best for all. But now the tail (money) wags the dog.

I pray for our country, that Congress, having once again been touched by the glorious message of Christ, will continue in the legislative halls to show wise statesmanship, never giving a thought about re-election. Money in politics has turned a good democracy on its head.

Alvin Fischer