Letter: Government is like an overeater




Do you know anyone drawing unemployment or disability who is avoiding getting a job? I do and it’s talked about as if it’s a badge of honor. What would happen if the funding used for those three or four people I am aware of, added to the ones you are aware of, could be used instead to fund services for the mentally ill? Could we have avoided Sandy Hook?

Please take a look at the Cloward–Piven strategy. Discover who Saul Alinsky was and read the bum’s story in “Atlas Shrugged.” Maybe then the argument to fill the government funnel with money will make more sense.

I have heard the argument that the federal government is like an alcoholic. An alcoholic, however, can completely abstain from alcohol to recover. But I think it is more like an overeater. Like an overeater needs some food to survive, the government needs some money to survive. An overeater has to define triggers and abstain from those triggers to recover. The Constitution defines our federal government’s triggers.

Rob Drew