Letter: Last-minute deal holds little merit



For Congress and the president to have created and then to have come so close to a fiscal cliff signals a failure of governance of monumental proportions never seen in all our country’s history.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “Never was so much owed by so many because of so few.”

And the president doesn’t block their pay raise — outrageous.

This fiscal cliff thing doesn’t even address the bigger national debt and deficit spending problems — any “deal” made for the cliff with this group of politicians is likely smoke and mirrors and an illusion of progress.

There hasn’t been a federal budget for three years, including the time of one-party control — this is insane. They all, including the executive, should be fired for colossal mismanagement of our precious national resources over the years it took to create and exacerbate this fiscal mess we are in.

All those who have made a career of this public disservice need to be term-limited. Collectively they are ineffective as establishment politicians who have made a comfy existence for themselves as the nation heads into existential chaos — epic failure.

Terrence Popravak Jr.