Letter: Guns get blame while cars roll along



A person has some drinks at a bar and tries to drive home. Because of the alcohol he has consumed, he drifts across the centerline on the highway and hits an oncoming car. The parents and three small children in the oncoming car die in the crash. The drunk driver lives. The police respond and give the drunk driver a ticket or arrest him for DUI. But, the cops do not give a ticket or arrest the car itself. They charge the driver of the car. Over 50,000 deaths each year in the U.S. from cars, and yet not one car has been arrested or are any laws written banning cars.

Another man goes out and shoots and kills people at a mall, movie theater, or school. You hear screams from people demanding that the machine, the inanimate object, the gun itself be banned. Screams demanding laws to outlaw the gun itself. But nothing is done about the person who used the gun. Only the gun itself.

So I have a question. Why are all these screams about banning the gun and not screams about banning the car? More than 50,000 people killed each year in car accidents and yet not one word about banning the car. Why not?

William T. Stokes