Letter: Both parties are to blame



Regarding the Jan. 3 editorial “Postponing problems,” The Columbian editors apparently are a little behind the times when it comes to math and using a fact checker. They mention that the Republicans have been unable to stop the Democrats “unbridled overspending.” The last time I looked, the House was controlled by Republicans. Again, fact checkers would prove that both legislative units have to agree to pass a spending bill. Therefore, both parties have agreed to this “unbridled spending.”

As far as the debt ceiling goes, well, the last I remember my math, more revenue (taxes) means less deficit spending, of course assuming that no new spending is passed by the GOP-controlled house. The last time the budget was balanced, these same taxes (before Bush tax cuts) on the wealthy were in place. Maybe we can have a “back to the future” decade or so.

Lastly, I find it amusing that no one seems to have any sympathy for the poor working man who will pay 2 percent more in his Social Security tax or as the GOP calls it, “entitlements.” I guess that is why it is an entitlement — it is my money.

Scott Dalesandro