Letter: An unarmed citizenry is defenseless



I am disturbed to read Michael E. White’s Jan. 3 letter in regards to his, “Fewer guns means fewer deaths,” summary. Such simplistic thinking is what leads the uninformed masses to tyrannical control and oblivion.

The facts are that there will never be fewer weapons in the hands of the highest ruling powers, and that the worst mass executions/genocides of modern times occurred immediately following citizen gun bans, with millions upon millions of helpless, unarmed individuals slaughtered. History will repeat itself, unfortunately, if individuals allow themselves to become lackadaisical in protecting their own freedoms. How many more tyrannical governments and mass executions will it take to get people like White to understand the ingeniousness of the Second Amendment to protect citizens from invasion and tyranny?

I will agree that these latest mass shootings are absolutely terrible and that something should be done, but blaming everything but the perpetrator is not the answer. Unless White is completely sure that he has no fear of his rulers and is willing to side in all instances with the powers that be, regardless of his opinion, then it would highly benefit him to rethink his faulty logic.

Chaz Webberley