Letter: Faulty statistics arouse emotions



The Dec. 30 editorial was titled, “Reasonable gun laws.” There will be many such attempts to further regulate, control, confiscate, prohibit, modify and abridge our Second Amendment rights, mostly based on emotions aroused by manipulated statistics. Statistics is one of the tools gun-control advocates like to use, and abuse.

This editorial presents claims of 100,000 people shot and 10,000 of them killed while the Children’s Defense Fund has 5,740 children killed by firearms in 2008-9. They don’t tell you that 4,400 of these “children” were 15 to 24 years old and potentially a large percentage of these deaths are gang- and drug-related or that the majority of murdered children younger 10 are perpetrated by family members, usually parents or guardians. See Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

They also don’t mention that gun deaths and crime rates are falling despite higher population and record number of guns sold since 2008. There is much left out of the gun-control rhetoric, which uses statistics and emotion to try to control guns of lawful citizens, much to the delight of criminals and mental cases.

We have been warned by both Australian and British lawmakers that confiscating firearms leads to more crime and death, not less.

Ronald Kurtz