Letter: Vancouver deserves full-time mayor



The city of Vancouver is run on a day-to-day basis by a full-time city manager who isn’t an elected official and currently doesn’t live inside Vancouver city limits. I think residents of Vancouver deserve better.

Our current mayor is doing a good job holding down a full-time private sector job while helping direct the city through difficult times. Our previous mayor was a retired person with sufficient time to make foreign trips to solicit new business for the city, make great strides in developing a city center around Esther Short Park and initiate other positive changes in the city.

Vancouver is one of the largest cities in Washington without a full-time mayor. We deserve someone working for the best interests of the city on a full-time basis. If we elect the right person, the additional dollars spent on this position will be repaid many times over.

I’ve been told that a full-time mayor’s position is mostly ceremonial. I disagree.

A full-time mayor has the time to initiate business contacts; develop working relationships with county, state and federal representatives; oversee the daily activities of the city; and hold periodic meetings throughout the city with citizens to explain in detail what our challenges and opportunities are, in addition to partaking in ceremonial duties.

Kevin J. McCann