Letter: Costly to license first-time driver



The Washington state Department of Licensing has subbed out the testing for driving permits and first-time licenses to various privately owned driver training schools. The public is virtually unaware of this taking place.

It now costs $80 just in fees to the DOL ($35 application fee and $45 licensing fee) to get a Washington state driver’s license, whereas before it was much less if you took the permit and driver’s test together.

The driver’s school we went through charged $20 for the written test, $35 for the drivers test, and then you have to still go to DOL for your actual license and pay those fees. If you want a driving permit, you need to pay an additional $25 application fee to the state.

This is so unfair to the public. The private driving schools appear to be at liberty to charge whatever fee they choose.

I’m disgruntled.

Donna McCalip