Letter: Teachers are experts in education



The Columbian editorial board took another shot at public employees with its Jan. 4 editorial, “WEA to wage legal battle,” on the legal challenge to the charter schools initiative. As a classroom teacher, I find it offensive that the paper asks “how could an organization with ‘Education’ as its middle name possibly oppose better schools?”

Washington Education Association is not some abstract organization that represents teachers; it is an organization of teachers. Teachers are deeply committed to the success of every child. Opposing charter schools does not mean we oppose better schools. Many studies have shown that charter schools often do not have more success than a typical public school system.

Just because the public voted to approve an idea does not make it a good idea. I do not get to vote on how a public building is constructed because I am not an expert in that field, the architect is. Teachers, the experts in education, instead recommend things like having public officials give enough resources to our current school system so we can help more children have success.

Teachers also encourage ideas such as early childhood education, smaller class sizes, and safe learning environments for all students. These things can’t be paid for while money is siphoned away to charter schools.

Rob Lutz