Letter: Don’t close any door for a child



In response to Rex Holverson’s Jan. 8 letter, “Beware misguided philanthropy,” about foreign vs. domestic adoption and the games governments play with children’s lives, I agree, the games need to stop.

When my wife and I were starting a family 12 years ago, we chose adoption. We thought it best to go through the state and not a private adoption. How wrong we were. After completing four weeks of “parenting” classes, local, state and federal criminal background checks, financial checks and medical examinations, we were ready for the final stage, the home study. Waiting for weeks without word, we contacted our caseworker and were told it could be up to a year before a home study could be scheduled.

My wife then contacted an international adoption agency, and in less than seven months, we completed all of the above (again) plus the home study, traveled to Russia and were home with our son while others from our class were still waiting. We subsequently adopted twice more (two beautiful girls from China).

So before we pass laws against foreign adoption, let’s streamline the process here, but also declare that however and from wherever a child comes, finding a home for a child is always a good thing and never misguided.

Alan B. Kerr